Evacuations and Closures


Updated July 12

All evacuations across the complex have been lifted although some roads remain closed due to fire activity. Forest Road 520 to the Rio Grande Reservoir is now open. Areas of both the San Juan and Rio Grande National Forests remain closed because of the fire. Check with local ranger districts to learn about specific areas.

Updated July 8

Evacuations and Closures:  Some mandatory and pre-evacuation areas are being lifted as of 6:00 p.m, today. Areas around the Wilderness Ranch subdivision, Red Mountain Ranch and Humphreys Lake will remain under mandatory evacuation and the Spar City area will remain on pre-evacuation notice.  

An updated map showing the changes in status is posted in the "Fire Maps" tab above.  

Residents are reminded to remain vigilant and be prepared to evacuate in the event that fire activity changes. 

Updated July 4
The following changes in evacuation status occurred this morning.

Mineral County: Soward Ranch and Neal Property moved from mandatory evacuation to pre-evacuation status.

Hinsdale County: Ptarmigan Meadows moved from mandatory evacuation to pre-evacuation status.

Check the complete list below for evacuation status in all areas.

Updated July 3
The following changes in evacuation status occurred at 12:00 noon today.

Rio Grande County: Elk Creek and Masonic Park moved from mandatory evacuation to pre-evacuation status. There are now no mandatory evacuations in Rio Grande County.

Mineral County: Legion/Coller and 4UR Ranch to Gjellum moved from mandatory evacuation to pre-evacuation status

Updated July 2
Further clarification on areas evacuated.  No new evacuations or pre-evacuations.

Updated July 1
As of 8:00 am, the following areas in Mineral County were changed from mandatory evacuation to pre-evacuation status: Box Canyon, Spring Creek Ranch, Bristol View Acres, San Juan Ranch, Fern Creek Homes, Ox Bow, RC Ranch, and Upper Wrights.  Big River area in Mineral County has been changed to pre-evacuation status (previously evacuated)

Updated June 30
Wagon Wheel Estates has been changed to pre-evacuation status (previously evacuated).  Highway 149 is also open (without escort).  Please drive slowly; heavy fire traffic can be expected.  Updated to include Archuleta County (existing evacuations and pre-evacuation).



Bristol Head Acres
Holiday Acres
Mountain View RV Park
Eagle's Nest

Rio Grande County

Mandatory Evacuation

Elk Creek
Masonic Park (portion west of the river)
All areas that were allowed to return home on June 29

Mineral County

Mandatory Evacuation
Karpers Ranch
Spar City
Wintz property
Red Mountain Ranch
Metroz Lake

Borns Lake

Soward Ranch
Legion Park/ Coller
Neal Property
4UR (partial staff allowed) to Gjellum
Rio Grande Hacienda

Rio Grande Meadows (by Eagle's Nest)
Big River
Box Canyon
Spring Creek Ranch
Bristol View Acres
San Juan Ranch 
Fern Creek Homes
Ox Bow
RC Ranch
Upper Wrights   
Wagon Wheel Estates
Freeman's Ranch
Cottonwood Cove
Riverside Estates/ Mesa
Blue Creek Lodge
Moon Valley
West Fork Road (includes Bruce Spruce Campground)

Hinsdale County

Mandatory Evacuation

Little Squaw
Rio Grande Reservoir (Forest Road 520)  begins at Forest boundary
Black Mountain Ranch
S Lazy U/ Wilderness Ranch

Pre-EvacuationPtarmigan Meadows
Pearl Lakes
Hermit Lakes



July 3, 2013




Closures are in effect for about 50 miles of the Colorado Trail on the Rio Grande National Forest and about 150 miles of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail on both the Rio Grande and San Juan National Forests.  These trail sections are closed to all public entry between San Luis Pass north of Creede, Stony Pass east of Silverton and Elwood Pass northeast of Pagosa Springs, as identified within the closure orders.

Clarification on Weminuche Wilderness Closure

July 1, 2013 

Due to fire activity, the Weminuche Wilderness is closed to public entry on the Rio Grande National Forest on the east side of the Continental Divide. The portion of the Wilderness on San Juan National Forest, west of the Continental Divide, remains open.

San Juan National Forest

Rio Grande National Forest


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  2. Are there any chages to the Evacuation and Closure Page today (July 2,2013)?

    1. Pearl Lakes and Hermit Lakes in Hinsdale County were placed in pre-evacuation. No other changes so far today.